How to Lighten Hair Naturally

Why You Should Avoid Hair Dye

Unfortunately, many women and men dye their hair as often as every three weeks to cover up grey hairs and maintain hair color. Little do these people know that the average hair dyes is made of many dangerous and toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and many other ailments, especially when used often. (Read more about hair dye dangers here.)

But don’t avail, there are still many ways to not only lighten and highlight your hair naturally, but can fully color the hair with natural dyes.



Honey has been praised as one of the best ways to lighten the hair in a non-abrasive and natural way.

Honey actually has peroxide in it, which is a component that directly bleaches the hair. The amount of peroxide in honey is very minute, but there is enough present to gradually lighten the hair without causing any damage.


Cinnamon has natural components in it that naturally lighten hair, as well as the spice cardamon. Both cinnamon and cardamon have the highest concentrations of peroxide content out of natural spices.


Chamomile is great herb that has many uses. One of its benefits is the ability to lighten hair by several shades. Brew up some chamomile tea and run it through your hair, or try mixing it into the mixture below.

Honey Lightening Mix

2 tbs honey

1 tbs coconut oil/ olive oil

1 tsp cinnamon

Mix together and smooth through dry hair, leave on for as long as you like to achieve the most change and then throughly wash. Repeat every night/ day until desired lightness is occurred.

Here is more information on different methods and mixtures. 

Dangers of Lemon and Hydrogen Peroxide on Hair

By all means, despite common consensus, do not use lemon or hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair. Lemon is very acidic and when exposed to heat and sun, can literally strip your hair and dry it out. It also can change some hair colors to a strange copper orange color.

Hydrogen peroxide has also been used by people who DIY. Even though some people across the internet claim is works, which it does, they do not mention the damage left behind. The chemicals in the hydrogen peroxide can literally eat through the hair and split the ends. If you really want to strip your hair of all color, go to a professional and use all-natural dyes and bleaches.

By: Eva Cantillo

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